Let's beat hunger...with cake!

Big Bake is a nationwide event to get you and your friends baking to (self) raise lots of money for the world’s very poorest people.

Arrange a Big Bake sale in your workplace, church, school or front room, and we will give you plenty of help to make it all happen.

Sign up today to get your free pack, it’s full of posters, stickers, and top tips from fellow bakers – in short, everything you need to host a great Big Bake event.


    Bake Britain

    Bake...for Sylvia

    Sylvia has been robbed by hunger. The rains in Malawi are unpredictable, and the changing climate makes every harvest more uncertain.

    For Sylvia, this means life is a struggle just to keep her four children alive. As she looks at the one bag of maize she has left, she sighs, ‘It’s just a matter of surviving.’

    But it doesn’t have to be this way. Just an hour away Polly has had two years of abundant harvests. Polly received training, which taught her how to farm the barren, dry land. ‘My family used to struggle,’ explains Polly.

    ‘But after gaining the knowledge and skills to make my own fertiliser, we managed to harvest 16 bags in the first year.’ This surplus has enabled her to buy livestock and set up a business – her life has been transformed.

    The money you raise through Big Bake could give families like Sylvia’s the same training, better harvests and open up opportunities for them.


    If you’ve already registered and ordered your pack please tuck in to our extras! Lots of our resources are customisable, have a play then use them to tell the world about your Big Bake.

    • Facebook Cover-maker

      Customise, download and let everyone on Facebook know what you're up to!

    • Twibbon!

      Add the Big Bake logo to your profile pic on Facebook and Twitter.

    • Poster-maker

      Customise our Big Bake posters with your event details, then download and print!

    • Invitation-maker

      Customise our Big Bake invitations with your event details, then download and print.

    • Bunting

      Download and print out your very own Big Bake bunting!

    • Cake labels

      Download and print some extra labels for your bakes.

    • Recipes

      Bake up a storm with recipes from fellow Big Bakers and Team Tearfunders, Martha Collison, Will Torrent and Tom Herbert.

    Order extra

    Please do order extra of any of the resources below for your Big Bake sale. They’re completely free for our bakers!


    Order an extra sheet of stickers for your event.


    Yasmin's Story

    Extra flyers so everyone at your Tearfund Big Bake can see why this cause is so important.



    The more the merrier we say!


    Join us at the Team Tearfund Facebook group
    to share your cake-y queries, tips and recipes, not to mention calorific cake-selfies.

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