Institutional donors

Tearfund highly values its partnership with institutional donors.

It's a partnership that goes beyond a simple financial arrangement and builds relationships that shape donor and Tearfund thinking, policy and response to relief and development.

In its close partnership with, and understanding of, the local church and church-based organisations, Tearfund is well placed to converse with institutional donors on the role of faith in relief and development.

Working together and shared learning is important, and institutional donors often promote joint northern NGO applications. This in turn encourages networking and harmonisation of Tearfund’s efforts with those of like-minded agencies in the fight against poverty.

Accountability is important, and the often rigorous donor demands for accurate application of funds and measuring and reporting on impact have assisted Tearfund and its national partners to reinforce their processes and systems to emphasise accountability and focus on evidence-based results.

Finally, the grant support that Tearfund and its partners receive from institutional donors has become increasingly important in our work to reduce suffering and bring hope to those most vulnerable in society. The programmes and actions supported by institutional donors are extensive and make a vital contribution to tackling poverty in a wider partnership with other donors, Tearfund supporters, partner organisations and the local communities themselves.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this webpage do not necessarily reflect the views of the donors mentioned.

Tearfund’s partnerships include the following institutional donors:

British Government - DFID (website)

  • DFID – Civil Society Challenge Fund
  • DFID – Conflict, Humanitarian and Security Department
  • DFID – Country Offices

Canadian Foodgrains Bank in partnership with World Relief Canada (website)

Canadian International Development Agency - CIDA (website)

  • Bilateral
  • Humanitarian Assistance Programme

Dutch Government - Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in partnership with Tear Netherlands

  • Buitenlandse Zaken - Buza (website)

European Union

Irish Government - Irish Aid (website) in partnership with Tearfund Ireland

  • Irish Aid – Civil Society Fund
  • Irish Aid - Relief

Island States of Jersey

Isle of Man (website)

Scottish Government

  • International Development (website)

United Nations

  • World Food Programme
  • Food and Agriculture Organisation (website)

United States Government

Welsh Assembly Government (website)

  • International Development (website)
  • World Bank (website)
  • AIDS Strategy and Action Plan (ASAP)

Make a gift in memory of a loved one

A gift to Tearfund in memory of your loved one will bring hope to those living in extreme poverty around the world, enabling the local churches we work with to reach out into their communities, sharing Jesus’ love in practical ways.

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Why the church?

Integral mission is the church living out its faith in Jesus in every aspect of life. It’s recognising that people are more than their hunger or despair. Integral mission is answering God’s call to love one another, in every way you can.

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What we believe

Tearfund is a Christian organisation. We’re passionate about living out God’s kingdom values of love, hope and transformation. It’s what inspires and drives us.

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