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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is home to the River Jordan where Jesus was baptised, and the kingdom of Moab where Ruth lived. It is a stable monarchy with a population around 6.4 million, the vast majority of whom are Sunni Muslim Arabs.

Since the start of the Syrian war in 2011, refugees have been streaming across the border into the north of Jordan. As of mid 2015 there were officially 630,000 Syrian refugees, although the unofficial figure is considered by many to be much higher. Most live in urban areas rather than refugee camps. Without any legal opportunities to work, the refugees often struggle to survive, taking poorly paid jobs that often don’t even cover their basic needs.

Limited resources in Jordan are nearing breaking point under the strain. Unemployment has almost doubled in areas with high concentrations of refugees. Already one of the world’s driest countries, Jordan’s water shortage has been badly exacerbated by the influx of refugees and is now at crisis levels.

In September 2014, Jordan joined the U.S. led campaign in Syria against the radical Islamist group Islamic State, or IS.

Our work in jordan

The work of our partners in Jordan (who we can’t name for security reasons) extends way beyond provision of emergency aid, showing concern for people’s physical and psychological well-being.

  • Providing startup kits of essential items to newly arrived Syrian refugee families, such as food, kitchen kits, mattresses, blankets, pillows and stoves.
  • Cash for rent and unconditional cash grants.
  • Trauma care sessions for women (3 day trauma workshops for women to help them address their own needs and their family's needs)
  • Two kindergartens set up that deliver education and trauma care (art and drama therapy) to Syrian refugee children and poor Jordanian children.
  • Legal aid: giving refugees awareness of their rights, such as for registration, rental law and other issues.
  • Training Jordanians to start up small businesses, as the local community has also suffered since the refugee influx.
  • We are soon to start delivering healthcare and further trauma care for Syrian refugee women, in collaboration with a group of partners.


In spite of the vast need caused by so many refugees, Tearfund along with our partners have affected the lives of many thousands.

10,950 people affected by the conflict have received winter supplies (such as blankets and stoves) or vouchers to purchase what they most urgently need.

100 Syrian refugee families (757 people) received help with the cost of accommodation, enabling them keep a secure roof over their heads.

275 Syrian refugee families (1,459 people) received cash grants to help them meet their most urgent needs.

10,064 people benefited from legal awareness workshops, helping them learn about their rights, rental law and other issues.

150 Syrian refugee families (900 people) received monthly food and hygiene parcels for 12 months.

Two kindergartens have been set up, delivering pre-school education and trauma care for 300 Syrian refugee children and poor Jordanian children.

Pray for our work in Jordan

  • Pray for newly arrived refugees who struggle to find their feet and navigate the aid system.
  • Pray for the governments in the West to make good decisions about Syria.
  • Pray for the many single mothers who struggle to make a new life and support their families.
  • Pray for children traumatised by the things they have witnessed.
  • Pray for the country of Jordan, thank God for its hospitality and pray for security to continue.
  • Pray for our partners, for wisdom and favour as they seek to serve those in most need.

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