Democratic Republic of Congo

Map of the DRC

Population: 66.020m
Life expectancy men: 47.2 years
Life expectancy women: 50.4 years
Infant mortality rate: 10.9%
GNI per capita: 160.0 US$
HDI ranking: 187/187 Low
What are these?

Conflict has exacted a high price on the long-suffering people of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), with around 4 million lives lost.

From 2012-13, violence forced 2.7 million Congolese to abandon their homes and people have continued to flee over recent months.

With more than 25 armed groups operating in the east of the country, the DRC has become almost a watchword for instability and women are routinely subjected to sexual violence as a weapon of war.

Tearfund has been working in DRC since 1986 and is currently supporting 11 partners: eight in the east and three in the west. Here are some examples of their work:

PPSSP (Programme de Promotion des Soins de Santé Primaires) is providing healthcare for displaced people and their host communities. A community-based approach is deployed in the construction of latrines, water sources and household water-storage units.

CRC (Centre Résolution des Conflits) promotes reconciliation in communities that have suffered decades of conflict and militia attacks. Activities include peace meetings, cultural and sporting activities, and addressing family conflicts caused by rape or testing HIV positive. 

CECA-20 (Communauté Evangélique Chrétienne en Afrique) is addressing food shortages in the district of Haut-Uélé. Marginalised farmers and pastoralists are trained in better crop husbandry and animal breeding methods. Local churches and communities are also being mobilised for self-help and for use of local resources to improve their living conditions.

Meanwhile, Tearfund’s Disaster Management Team is currently running a series of relief projects in three provinces – South Kivu, North Kivu and Maniema – providing urgent services in the areas of water and sanitation, school reconstruction, health education and food security.

Please pray:

Pray for people living in poverty in DRC. Please pray for our partners and Disaster Management Team in DRC as they seek to  help others and pray for drC: for justice, peace, good health and hope for everyone.

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  • 4 November 2013 - Military advances have pushed back D.R Congo‚Äôs rebel groups but aid agencies like Tearfund still need safe access to deliver relief for vulnerable people, especially women and children.