Map of Ethiopia

Population: 82.825m
Life expectancy men: 55.7 years
Life expectancy women: 58.6 years
Infant mortality rate: 7.09%
GNI per capita: 343.9 US$
HDI ranking: 174/187 Low
What are these?

In Ethiopia, Tearfund works with six partners, including the Kale Heywet Church, the Meserete Kristos Church and the Ethiopian Full Believers Gospel Church. We are mobilising churches to take part in integral mission, which gives people the opportunity to participate in their own development and transform their lives economically, socially, politically and spiritually. 
Using this approach, Tearfund supports partners to address issues such as health, HIV, food security and literacy holistically, in the context of the family, church and community. One example of this approach is self-help groups, where savings and loans allow people to start small businesses to generate income for their families. We also run programmes to improve water and sanitation as well as providing education on hygiene.

Helping churches and communities to reduce their vulnerability to disasters, such as droughts or floods, is a priority forTearfund in Ethiopia. We are working in particular with four partners to improve their capability to mitigate food shortages.

Please pray:

Pray for people living in poverty in Ethiopia. Please pray for our partners as they seek to help others. And pray for the country of Ethiopia, for justice, peace, good health and hope for everyone.

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