Map of Uganda

Population: 32.710m
Life expectancy men: 54.6 years
Life expectancy women: 56.4 years
Infant mortality rate: 6.69%
GNI per capita: 511.9 US$
HDI ranking: 161/187 Low
What are these?

Tearfund has worked in Uganda since the late 1970s and currently partners 14 organisations. Here are some examples of their work: 

ACET (AIDS Care Education and Training) is working with formerly displaced people in Kitgum, northern Uganda, setting up ‘orphan councils’ and providing HIV education, counselling and testing, and better access to 
HIV treatment.

COBAP (Community Based AIDS Programme) works in five slum communities in Kampala. Dozens of community members have been trained as peer educators, community nurses, counsellors and childcare workers. COBAP also provides grants to people living with HIV to set up small businesses – and works with medical services to improve access to treatment and testing. 

In north-east Uganda, Karamoja Diocese Development Services (KDDS) works in a marginalised region where food shortages and cattle-rustling are common. KDDS responded to a recent food crisis by distributing aid and building future resilience and food production capacity.

Meanwhile, the Kigezi Diocese of the Anglican Church of Uganda works in south-west Uganda, a mountainous, often inaccessible region. It aims to benefit around 25,000 villagers each year through improved water supplies, sanitation services and hygiene education. Communities are trained to maintain and repair the water facilities. They also provide labour and construction materials to ensure sustainability.

Please pray:

  • pray for people living in poverty in Uganda.
  • please pray for our Ugandan partners as they seek to help others.
  • and pray for Uganda: for justice, peace, health and hope for everyone.

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