Map of Malawi

Population: 15.263m
Life expectancy men: 55.5 years
Life expectancy women: 56.9 years
Infant mortality rate: 7.40%
GNI per capita: 230.0 US$
HDI ranking: 171/187 Low
What are these?

Tearfund works in partnership with eight Christian organisations and church development departments across Malawi, focusing in particular on disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, food security, children at risk, HIV, water and sanitation, as well as advocacy. Our work began in 1998 through the Evangelical Association of Malawi, and through partners this work is reaching now more than a million people. 

In April 2008, Tearfund established a country office in Lilongwe to provide administrative as well as technical support to the 11 partners who are implementing the various projects and programmes. This has improved  the quality of services to poor communities through increased capacity building and monitoring of partners’ project activities.

In recent years, Tearfund supporters have been introduced to our long-term work in Malawi through the evolving story of Fombe village in the southern region of Chikwawa. Tearfund partner Eagles began working in Fombe, among other villages, during the food crisis of 2002, and has moved beyond providing emergency relief to mobilising the church to respond to the development needs of  the community. As a result of the church’s work, the community has created vegetable gardens, established community-based childcare centres and drilled boreholes to provide clean safe water. Before, most women could not read or write, but now, thanks to an adult literacy school, 65 per cent of women in the village can read. 

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  • Malawi is a nation in crisis. After a long period of drought after heavy flooding last year, around half of the population currently live below the poverty line.

  • A massive 900,000 people are now affected by flooding in Malawi and Mozambique. Pray for Tearfund partners responding to the needs of those affected. Pray for safety, and for access to hard to reach communities.

  • Heavy rain has resulted in flooding in Malawi and Mozambique with around 775,000 people affected so far. Pray for an end to the rain and lift up Tearfund’s partners as they help those worst affected.

  • Teachers and other public sector workers, students and many others have taken to the streets in protest over corruption in Malawi. Pray that the government will respond wisely and that this crisis will not grow any worse.