Map of Zimbabwe
Flag of Zimbabwe

Population: 12.523m
Life expectancy men: 50.4 years
Life expectancy women: 49.8 years
Infant mortality rate: 4.59%
GNI per capita: 322.0 US$
HDI ranking: 173/187 Low
What are these?

Tearfund has worked in Zimbabwe for more than three decades: empowering churches to save and change lives through sustainable agriculture, HIV prevention and care, the safeguarding of vulnerable children – and increasingly, advocacy at political level. Here are some examples of this work (although our partners cannot be named for security reasons):

Inspired by Luke 4:18-19, a network of Christian leaders, and their congregations, have been calling for democracy, 
constitutional reform, reconciliation and the removal of oppressive laws, as well as working with youth groups to promote non-violent means of resolving conflicts.

They are supported by a UK-based network who are mobilising Zimbabweans in the UK and worldwide to bring peace, reconciliation and true democracy to Zimbabwe.

Another Tearfund partner helps around 60,000 orphans and vulnerable children through local church volunteers. Churches fulfil the biblical mandate to care for deprived children, and communities benefit from skills training, 
food aid and livelihood assistance.

A further partner is equipping congregations to meet the needs of HIV-affected households and improve the quality of care provided.

Several partners are engaged in challenging negative beliefs about gender in the church that marginalise and oppress women. 

Meanwhile, one of our Zimbabwean partners is training farmers to make better use of their land and overcome obstacles of drought, infertile land, lack of access to markets and credit, etc. 

Please pray: 

  • for people living in poverty in Zimbabwe.
  • for our Zimbabwean partners as they seek to help others.
  • for Zimbabwe: for justice, peace, health and hope for everyone.

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  • Peaceful doesn’t describe the stunning location where Shadreck and his sister Primrose live. With rolling countryside, it’s the perfect place to grow up. Perfect that is if you have parents.

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  • Miclon surveys his field in silence. There’s nothing to say because there’s nothing to see. The soil is parched and the little grass that is evident is dried out, brown and lifeless.