Live justly in Haiti
Trip date: 26 Mar 2018 - 05 Apr 2018
Cost: £1,000.00 ($1,319.20 approx)
Application deadline: 15 Nov 2017
Pre-departure training: 20 Jan 2018 - 21 Jan 2018 Tearfund (GB)
Young girl in Haiti

Do you feel a call to live justly, but don’t know where to start?

We’ve got a brand new, exciting opportunity for you and a student or church group to deepen relationships, deepen your understanding of justice in the Bible, and all in the incredible country of Haiti.

You’ll be joining with our Tearfund partners in Haiti and together with a local group of Haitian young adults, sharing learning from the Live Justly resource and getting to outwork this practically in the local community.

You’ll be tackling topics around advocacy, prayer, consumption, generosity, creation care and relationships.

Be prepared for in-depth discussions and a chance to turn your thoughts into actions as you head out and serve in the local Haitian community.

Couple working the land in Haiti

Who are we looking for?

A group of young adults (aged 18 - 35 years old) who are flexible and adaptable, ready to commit to study together the 10 sessions of the Live Justly course in the UK and then spend 11 days putting the learning into practice in Haiti.

The placement will challenge your group personally and stretch everyone’s faith. You will each experience how the local church is at the heart of tackling poverty and injustice. Plus you will have the chance to show God’s love in practical ways as you visit and learn from inspirational communities.

Haiti is a French speaking country so a knowledge of some French is an advantage.

What will you be doing?

  • Joining with a Haitian young adult group, to share learning that you have both gathered from studying the ten sessions of the Live Justly course
  • Planning action steps together on how justice can become a solid part of your everyday lifestyle
  • Heading out into the community and serving local people living in extreme poverty. This could include training churches in disaster risk reduction, training youth in their communities around child protection, supporting recycling programs, helping with street clean up, planting gardens, and much more.
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The 3 months I spent in Tanzania were the best time of my life. All of my expectations were blown away and I made some incredible friendships. I grew so much in my relationship with God and I was challenged daily.

Emma Young

From my ICS experience I have decided to change my career plans, I am hoping to return to university to study social work. I have started to volunteer with Include youth, an organisation that actively promotes the rights and best practice with disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people.

Helen Mitchell

The trip changed my life: how I read the bible, think about God, live day to day. I have made incredible friends (I hope for life) and want to go back with Go MAD.

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