Every second, thousands of pounds are lost to secrecy and corruption globally. This is money that could be used to release some of the poorest communities from poverty.

But thanks to your campaigning, Europe has taken a crucial step in the fight against corruption. On 12 June, European leaders voted in new laws that will demand oil, gas and mining companies publish what they pay to governments.

Now as part of our Secret's Out campaign we are pushing for other G20 countries to follow suit. Click here to find out  how you can be involved.

We've Won!

The European Parliament has voted in new transparency laws. Join us in emailing your local MEPs to thank them for helping to expose corruption.

Why this matters

The Bible highlights that God has a low threshold for corruption. Find out why Tearfund launched the Unearth the Truth campaign, and what happens next.

10,000 Reasons

See how campaigners went to Brussels to give European politicians 10,000 reasons to love truth and tackle corruption in oil, gas and mineral deals.

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