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This week, three UK bloggers will travel to Cambodia with Tearfund to visit communities living in poverty being transformed through the local church.

They will meet people who are being given a hand up from poverty thanks to the generosity of regular givers in the UK, with a challenge to invite 60 new people to give regularly to support Tearfund’s work in Cambodia.

All this week, they will be telling their stories and encouraging others to join their journey - so stay tuned and keep an eye on that barometer!

Current progress

If 60 people signed up to give just £3 a month it could mean nearly 70 new families could go through the Church and Community Mobilisation process. It could mean 70 families are able to send their children to school, learn new farming techniques, and put food on the table.

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Latest posts

  • Rich Wells: I’m posting a limited edition signed print (1 of 60) to anyone...

    I’m posting a limited edition signed print (1 of 60) to anyone who gives £3/month to our Tearfund Cambodia challenge. The inspirationI saw these two children cycling past our mini bus in one of the villages we visited. I loved their expressions and the way they worked together to keep the tiny colourful bike upright. It was a great picture of how Tearfund are supporting communities to face uncertain futures together. I had fun creating this illustration and have tried to capture some of the ...

  • Rich Wells: So I’m finally over the jet lag, the swelling on my leg has gone...

    So I’m finally over the jet lag, the swelling on my leg has gone down and I’m (nearly) unpacked. It’s hard to sum up in a post all of my reflections on the amazing things I’ve experienced over the past 10 days. Cambodia is a country full of contradictions, a land of immense beauty, friendly hospitality, incredible food and also pain, poverty and deep scars from a brutal past. I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to visit such an amazing place and I think it’s changed me. My highlights ...

  • Danny Webster: 12 things you learn on a bloggers trip

     1. Instagramming your lunch is obligatory 2. The first question in any cafe/restaurant/hotel/airport: is there wifi? 3. 4 way extension leads are a vital packing requirement. (And that doesn’t make for an interesting photo, so have a shot of two cows.) 4. Mosquitos make a satisfied squelch when squashed on a screen. But leave a […]

  • Danny Webster: In which I ask you to donate to Tearfund

    Over the past week I’ve written a lot about my time in Cambodia with Tearfund. This is my sixteenth post, with half of them being here and half in various places across the internet. And in most of them I’ve ended with a line letting you know how you can keep up with what we’ve […]

  • Danny Webster: Reflections on a week in Cambodia

    I began yesterday on the top floor balcony of the pastor’s house in Tonle Bati. I woke to the dawn chorus that arrived before the sun. In the day I took in two church services, almost all of which were in Khmer and untranslated. I had rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner – five meals […]

Meet The Bloggers

Anita Mathias

Twitter: @anitamathias1

Danny Webster

Twitter: @danny_webster

Rich Wells

Twitter: @richwells

Communities all over the world are finding their own ways out of poverty with help from the local church.

One of those communities is Tonle Batie in Cambodia, a village suffering with the daily struggles of poverty - no water, poor sanitation, lack of education, and hunger.

This month, we’ve invited three talented bloggers to travel with us to Cambodia, to see for themselves how the church is transforming lives in Tonle Batie and other communities.

We’re challenging these talented bloggers to help us invite 60 new people to support our work in Cambodia. Through their powerful and passionate storytelling, we can reach this target and bring immeasurable change to communities all over the world.