Make a regular commitment to Tearfund

You can now set up a Direct Debit to Tearfund online. Just click on one of the options below and fill in your details - it only takes five minutes!

Your regular gift to our work worldwide will help us to plan effectively and faithfully support our local partner organisations.

You can give to specific areas of need outlined below or if you'd prefer, you can let us decide where your money should go by choosing the first option, the Tearfund general fund.

Direct debit

If you want to amend the amount or details of an existing Direct Debit, please call us on 0845 355 8355 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) or email us at

  • Where it's needed most

    By regularly supporting our work you can help us meet those needs where they are most severe.

  • No Child Taken

    Trafficking ravages the lives of 1.2 million children across the world every year. That number is set to rise, unless we stop it in its tracks.

  • Elizabeth and church harvesting crops

    Choose a community

    See for yourself how local churches are helping communities lift themselves out of poverty. Start your journey today.

  • When disaster strikes

    We can’t predict the next disaster. But with your help, we can prepare for it. Through your support, we want to store up essential supplies ready to distribute as soon as future disasters hit.

  • Children at risk

    Millions of children around the world are caught up in conflict or grinding poverty, traumatised by war, homeless, hungry, starved of love, and exposed to sexual abuse or exploitative labour.

  • Photo: Layton Thompson/Tearfund

    Life-changing essentials

    A monthly gift will enable Tearfund partner organisations all over the world to unlock spiritual and material transformation by providing essential services in poor communities.

  • Stopping AIDS. All together.

    Tearfund needs to raise £60 million for HIV and AIDS-related work by 2015 – as part of its wider vision to lift millions out of poverty.