Cheryl Bannatyne

Cheryl is a copywriter for Tearfund where she gets to share the great stories of lives being transformed around the world.

She's qualified as a microbiologist but always had a passion for the written word, so hung up her lab coat and picked up the pen. After a few years managing the editorial office of the British Journal of Cancer she sailed the world – well, a little bit of it – with Operation Mobilisation before working on a business magazine for five years. She's delighted to be playing with words again after a seven-year foray into the world of church administration.

  • Woman in Haiti standing in crops

    Hope for a harvest in Haiti

    Hurricanes are part of life in the Caribbean but as we watch Irma move destructively through the region we might feel powerless. However, we can be inspired to hope by the stories of recovery and ...

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  • Bake sale

    Baking a difference

    This week we are launching Tearfund’s Big Bake – a powerful way of engaging with the issues around global poverty and to raise money that will be used to fund life-transforming projects.

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  • Group of people

    I choose peace

    ‘As I looked at the three young boys – their shoulders slouched with a heaviness and their eyes filled with pain – I could only admire their courage in choosing a journey of peace over raging ...

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  • Group of people in the Philippines

    Restoring living hope

    When a natural disaster strikes it is not only the loss of life and property that are tragic but the loss of hope. As the weeks pass the overwhelming immediate needs for food and shelter give way to ...

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