Prayer Team

The rather mysteriously named Prayer Team is made up of a number of writers working closely with country and development experts in the UK and overseas. Prayer is the lifeblood of everything we do. We depend on it, because we can't hope to bring healing to a suffering world without God's help. To pray with us regularly, you can sign up to our weekly prayer email as well as our WhatsApp prayer alerts.

    • A Healing of the Heart

      For several years, the Central African Republic has been torn apart by conflict. A conflict that resulted in the killing of civilians, and the burning and looting of houses.

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    • Hope for Honduras

      With an average of 20 murders committed every day, Honduras is one of the world’s most violent countries. Living in a crime-riddled riverbank slum in San Pedro Sula, Honduras second largest city, ...

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    • Planting Trees of Life

      For Aaden* and his fellow villagers, climate change isn’t just a vague concept, it’s a harsh reality that impacts their lives in devastating ways.

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    • Coming home

      Having spent nine years in displacement camps, Fikiri Madisi and his family were looking forward to coming home. But on arriving back in their village of Mwandiga in the South Kivu province of the ...

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    • Clothed in Dignity

      For Malid*, a farmer from a village in Northern Iraq, life before the war is little more than a distant memory. ‘I enjoyed life in my village,’ he reflects. ‘There were no strangers; we were all ...

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