• Two women standing outside

    Power to the people

    When Betty invested her self-help group loan in a solar panel she did more than just connect her village to electricity — she ...

  • Harvest Festival. Photo ChelmsfordBlue

    Whatever Happened to Harvest Festival?

    Harvest Festivals have fallen out of fashion in many churches and schools in the UK. Actually we need it more than ever, says Tearfund's ...

  • Jonathan and cake

    For the Love of Cake

    A poem to celebrate Tearfund’s forthcoming Big Bake – from a remarkable 11 year-old supporter.

  • Children's hands writing

    Back to school

    Sadiki is a young woman who, like many others born into poverty in Egypt, did not receive an education. But after joining classes provided ...

  • Woman in Haiti standing in crops

    Hope for a harvest in Haiti

    Hurricanes are part of life in the Caribbean but as we watch Irma move destructively through the region we might feel powerless. However, ...

  • Bake sale

    Baking a difference

    This week we are launching Tearfund’s Big Bake – a powerful way of engaging with the issues around global poverty and to raise money that ...

  • Man in a field

    Weathering the storms

    The terrible floods in South Asia highlight just how vulnerable poor farmers are. In a moment they have lost everything and when the waters ...