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  • Collapsed bridge, Haiti

    Haiti after the hurricane

    Tearfund and local partners are already at work in Haiti after the devastation of Hurricane Matthew. Haiti&rsquo;s latest hurricane is &lsquo;the ...

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  • Jojo with one of her twinned bedpans

    Panning for Poverty

    A bedbound woman has helped to build toilets for some of the world&rsquo;s poorest people &ndash; by &lsquo;twinning&rsquo; her bedpan with a toilet ...

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  • Let’s talk dough

    The end product is called bread, but it begins life as a plant tuber. And Tearfund is helping Haitians make more of it to overcome poverty.

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  • A technical college in Haiti with students learning

    Which part of the body are you?

    I flew into Haiti on 12 January 2014, the fourth anniversary of the 2010 earthquake. This was my first solo trip with Tearfund and I was a little ...

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  • A special community celebration

    Rachel Rigby, Programme Officer for Haiti and Syria One of the effects of the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010 was the loss of many school ...

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  • Learning to lean on God

    ‘I believe I’m in God’s hands, and my faith is helping me a lot. I’m still alive, my children have been protected, I’m protected. I have to thank God ...

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  • Flag of Haiti


    Tearfund has been working in Haiti for three decades. Our links with local churches and communities meant we could quickly respond to the January ...

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