Searching for home and hope in Jordan


‘I can’t believe or accept that I’ve left my home,’ Shayma* says. ‘It’s been four years and I don’t feel any better. I can’t find anything like home.’

Shayma has been living in Jordan with her seven children, aged between three and 16, since they fled Syria in 2012 when their home was destroyed.

Since the war began in 2011 refugees have been flooding across the border. Less than two weeks ago the UN estimated there are almost 660,000 Syrian refugees in the country, with many more unregistered.

This week, the experiences of refugees have been highlighted by the Olympics. The members of Team Refugee have survived terrible tragedies and it is wonderful to celebrate the positive outcomes of their stories.

But the problems of displacement are persistent, and for most refugees a new home and a new future continue to be very much a dream. In Jordan there are no legal opportunities for refugees to find work so it’s nearly impossible for them to make a settled, permanent life there. With the uncertainty of her situation Shayma says she is always nervous and can’t rest.

Tearfund has provided her and her family with emergency supplies. Shayma has now also attended counselling sessions run by one of our partners to help deal with her trauma and anxiety. ‘After I attended I felt better. I was comforted, I felt rested,’ she says. ‘Now I’m improving my relationship with my kids, talking with them all the time.’

Thanks to your faithful support and prayers, we are able to bring relief and improvements to the circumstances of refugees in Jordan (for more information see our webpage on Jordan). But please keep praying for this situation and for all people such as Shayma who are still waiting for their happy ending.

* Name has been changed to protect identity


  • Lift up people like Shayma and her family. Ask that they will find a place to call home and build a future.
  • Give thanks for Team Refugee and ask that the Olympics will inspire the international community to do more for the refugee crisis around the world.
  • Pray that our work will reach more people like Shayma and help bring breakthrough to all the aspects of their lives that are affected by displacement.

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