Eye Can Bake

Great Britain

Meet ten-year-old Jonathan. He types with his eyes and he bakes for Tearfund with his sheer determination.

Jonathan Bryan likes a good party as much as nearly every ten year old. He wrote to Tearfund’s Community Fundraising Team to tell them about his Big Bake party.

‘We spent days baking and preparing games to make it a success,’ he told us ‘Trying to eat a biscuit balanced on your forehead using only facial muscle movements kept the younger children entertained.’ In all they raised a massive £311.73 for their troubles.

But it was the final sentence that really drew our attention: ‘I wrote this letter using my eyes on a spelling board.’ Jonathan was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after a traumatic birth. Jonathan went to school at the age of four and a half; labelled as having ‘Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties’.

Friend Lizzie balancing a biscuit
lizzie stirring flour with her mouth
lizzie with her cake
Clockwise: Izzy demonstrates biscuit balancing, Jonathan oversees flour stirring, Lizzie's showstopper 'teapot' sponge – go on guess how heavy...

Yes eye can!

However in the last 18 months he has begun spelling with the alphabet board and is clearly rather a bright spark, managing the spelling and grammar of someone much older. He also writes a blog about his experiences with the board: 'eyecantalk'. 

He also played a key role in the preparations, helping in with the likes of chocolate brownies, flapjacks and date cake.

Partygoers were tasked with games including ‘moving flour without using their hands’ and the aforementioned biscuit games.

Jonathan, we salute you. Not to mention your Uncle Ian who poured the teas and coffees all morning (winning the ‘guess the weight of the cake’ contest for his pains). 

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