New Hope for Amina

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One woman’s search for a better life takes a tragic turn. Human kindness has the last word in a shocking story.

Warning: contains description of sexual violence.

Amina made a bold decision. Her life in Ethiopia was tough, so she decided to make a new start in Egypt – a place she had heard was more prosperous. However she had no money for an airfare. Instead, Amina began the long route through the desert, hitch-hiking and paying passing cars for lifts. 

In the middle of her journey, Amina ran out of money to pay people to drive her, and was left stranded in the desert.

Amina’s journey to Egypt went tragically wrong. However that tragic event wasn’t the end of the story.

Eventually, a man drove by and came to her rescue, telling her: ‘If you have no money, it’s OK.’ Relieved, Amina gratefully accepted the lift. However, as night fell, the man raped her, telling her that if she couldn’t pay for his help, she must pay with her body. 

Amina didn’t turn back and she finally arrived in Egypt. However there was another traumatic turn to events; she discovered that she had fallen pregnant after the incident. 

She had no husband, family or money and was terrified about what the future held. She agonized about what to do. ’The people I was staying with in Cairo gave me a pill to terminate the pregnancy,’ she remembers. ‘I took it, but I began to bleed very heavily.’

African mother holding hand of small crying baby

Feeling helpless and afraid, Amina approached Tearfund partner organisation The Refugee Egypt Program who support refugees in Egypt.

When she arrived at their offices, Amina fainted as she was being interviewed, due to loss of blood. Her interviewer immediately took her to the Refugee Egypt health clinic for treatment.

Staff member stayed with her to support, comfort and pray with her. ‘The doctors in Refugee Egypt Clinic said that our staff had brought her just in time,’ recalls the interviewer. ‘She could have died from the severity of the bleeding.’ 

The interviewer stayed with her for some time that afternoon, sat outside the clinic. Knowing Amina had no food, she gave her the lunch she had brought with her.

Refugee Egypt supported Amina until she gave birth to her baby, who, against all odds, arrived in perfect health. 

Then, they worked with Amina to help her find work. Amina took a cleaning course and within one week  helped Amina find a job cleaning an office, providing her with a stable income  to support her new family. 

Amina’s journey to Egypt went tragically wrong. However that tragic event wasn’t the end of the story. With the help and love of the of Refugee Egypt staff, Amina has regained her strength and has gone from being destitute and vulnerable, to feeling happy and hopeful for her future. 

*Name has been changed.


  • Praise God that Amina is on the road to healing and restoration. Life her up in your prayers as she continues to release the past and experience new hope for the future.
  • Pray fervently for all those who have experienced abuse and pain at the hands of others. Pray that God will bring an end to this horrific violence.
  • Give thanks for the work of Refugee Egypt and other organisations just like them – as they work to bring help and hope to those in need.