Aleppo: Parcels of Hope


Photo story: Tearfund partners bring precious aid to families who remain in besieged Aleppo.

It is six years since the beginning of the Syrian uprising that led to the civil war. The UN has called it ‘the biggest refugee and displacement crisis of our time’.

In spite of the risk and adversity, Tearfund’s partners are in Aleppo serving thousands of people who have remained there. In recent months they have brought food and hygiene packs to families trapped in the besieged city.

You can see some of that work, carried out with volunteers from the local church, and get a taste of life for those families who have stayed put in the besieged City.

Church volunteer packing tins of food
Boy packing and weighing supplies
Volunteers packing food parcels

Tearfund workers and volunteers preparing the food packages in a local church. Packs included ready-made items that could be eaten without much preparation: sugar, tea, thyme, flour milk, jam, sardines, cheese, halva, and tuna. This was to complement other groups who were distribute bread. They also featured other essentials, like soap, women's sanitary pads and cleaning materials.

Loading the distribution bus with parcels
Streets of Aleppo

L-R: Preparing to give out the parcels in a special bus, used for the distribution; driving through the heavily-bombed streets of Aleppo to reach the distribution point.

Kids greet the aid bus

Children greet the arriving bus.

Large crowd of people waiting to meet bus in Aleppo

A crowd gathers outside as distribution begins.

Large crowd of women gathering for food distribution with distressed child on woman's shoulders in Aleppo

Volunteers attempt to form an orderly queue as the crowds gather by the distribution bus.

Reporter with camera, woman in headscarf with head in hands and man gesturing amongst crowd
Child and queue

Orderly queues are ultimately formed – adults and children wait patiently for the emergency supplies.

Mother and baby with bags of supplies outside the bus
Woman oversees her family's package of food and soap

Two recipients of the packages, a mother with food and vital sanitary supplies and (right) a grandmother oversees the package for her family.

Despite the bombs and the bullets, the workers and volunteers carry on serving – aided by prayers, supported by your gifts.

Read a special prayer for Syria.

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