On the 25th April 2015 Central Nepal was hit by the first of two major earthquakes – the most powerful in over 80 years. The quakes and aftershocks killed nearly 9,000 people in total and injured three times as many. It also left thousands more people vulnerable in a number of other ways; homeless, lacking clean water or sanitation and stripped of their livelihoods.

After an initial emergency aid operation, Tearfund staff and partner organisations in Nepal turned to longer term recovery work. They are still hard at work helping to rebuild lives and livelihoods. Crucially they are helping communities to be more resilient, so that should another quake hit the region they will be better prepared.

Here are just a few of the key achievements of Tearfund and our partners in Nepal over the last couple of years.

696 New Houses (and that's Just the tip of the iceberg)

Girl looks out of window in newly built house

The 696 homes either completed or still under construction are only the tip of the iceberg; nearly 8,000 people have been given assistance in getting a new home. A total of 588 families have received cash for shelter grants allowing them to purchase materials to build permanent houses and 1,324 local masons are being trained in how to construct earthquake resistant buildings.  It means that whole villages will be prepared to withstand another quake much more effectively.

3,796 people given access to clean water and sanitation

Girl drinking water from a tap

Nine water systems damaged by the quake have been repaired restoring access to clean water. Each one delivered crucial fresh water to remote mountainous communities, for whom walking to collect fresh water every day from a river or spring is not an option.

1,298 Children trained to say 'no' to traffickers

Children next so sign saying Child Friendly Space

Global traffickers see a major disaster like a quake as a golden opportunity to traffick children. They thrive on the chaos it creates and it makes the promise of a better life somewhere else more alluring.

Tearfund’s partners have been offering training through school clubs and  special community events and rallies raising about traffickers and how they operate. Children are able to spot and report both traffickers and anyone that behaves inappropriately towards them.

2,775 supported to Get a Livelihood

Girl milking cow

Hundreds of households have been supported to gain or return to lasting livelihoods – mainly in agriculture – through training and the providing of key resources like seeds, tools and implements.

16,000 Better Prepared for Another Quake

Young woman abseiling off steep mountain, wearing tabard

549 people have been trained in disaster risk reduction techniques on behalf of their communities. The representatives have learned emergency safety procedures and first aid training. Each ward has a Disaster Committee and Disaster Risk Management Plan ready. All this means that if another quake should hit the region, villages are prepared for the worst and far fewer lives would be lost.

Pray for Nepal:

  • Pray that many more families can receive the resources and training they need to build sustainable livelihoods.
  • Ask that thousands more can be educated about the work of traffickers.
  • Pray that many thousands more people can be trained to build and restore homes so that they are quake-resistant.