Trump and the Paris Accord

This is what the LORD Almighty said: 'Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another”

Zech 7:9

Billie Anderson from Tearfund’s Advocacy Team responds to news that the United States have pulled out of the 2015 Paris Accord, set up to limit climate change. 

As I heard the extremely disappointing news that President Trump has pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, my immediate thought was of Fambi. He is married with six children: three girls and three boys, and works as a farmer in Malawi. The erratic weather there has affected his ability to feed his family – every year, he told us there just wasn’t enough food to feed them.  

Ahead of the Paris Climate Talks in 2015 he told us that if he could meet world leaders face to face, he would convince them of the need to act on climate change. I wondered how he will feel when he hears of President Trump’s actions today. I hope he will know that we are still standing alongside him, praying and calling on our government to fulfill their Paris promises despite this.  

Billie Anderson outside Parliament with Tearfund banner/Photo Phil Simpson
Billie Anderson takes climate justice to the Houses of Parliament

We’ve come so far

Over the last 25 Years we have seen massive progress for people in communities like Fambi’s. The number of people living in poverty has been halved, life expectancy and access to health and education are increasing. But the effects of climate change threaten to halt that progress and push people back into poverty. Fambi and too many others like him, are the reason why so many of us have prayed, marched, switched our electricity, consumed less, met or written to our MPs and encouraged others to do the same. Thank you for each action you have taken to make the world fairer.  

Thankfully other big economies such as China and India are discovering how renewable energy can be a catalyst for a booming economy, creating green jobs and flourishing businesses, while reducing carbon emissions. The decision by the current US Administration won’t stop us, and hundreds of thousands like us, from continuing to push for change, just as it won’t stop Fambi doing everything he can to feed his family despite climate change. We will continue to speak up, live differently and above all pray for a world where everyone can flourish. Today please join us in prayer, and if you can why not also take this action to ask the UK government to invest more in powering rural communities overseas with renewable energy, as a response to this news!

Billie Anderson


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