Poetic Justice

To mark National Poetry Day, Tearfund asked its supporters to write a short poem on the subject of freedom. We have a winner (and a couple of ace runners up too.)    

The deliciously nostalgic and hope-filled winner comes courtesy of Katrina Quinn from Brighton with her poem, Dusty Wings. To celebrate, we asked members of the Tearfund team in Teddington to read it for you.    

With 180 entries there were plenty of contenders. Here are a couple more of our favourites…    


By Damian Scott

The world is weary with keys and locks,

Of clasping, clanging, monstrous chains,

Of doors, and bars, and gaols and holes,

Bolts and latches,

Clasps and catches,

Of curses spat to tie in knots,

The weary, lost, betrodden ones.

The weight of all these mechanisms,

Hauls millions down,

Impounds, imprisons.

But in the unreachable pit’s nadir,

Beyond the gaoler’s grasp and whim,

A voice is small, tender, clear.

And with a mingled hope/pain hymn,

We cry and cry and cry and cry.

Then He calls “Captive, I’m the key,

Walk out, walk straight and walk with me.”


By Enola Stevenson

These chains about my neck

Weigh me down, I pant



the drops of blood

I plunge to my knees as it flows

a flood

Who can stem it?





The truth comes crashing with the tears

His words are life

His blood cleans mine

My unfettered feet follow Him now


To freedom.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed, it's been an honour to read your poems and discover what freedom means to you.

Ben Cohen
Ben is Web Editor for Tearfund. This can sometimes feel a bit like being ‘senior hairstylist for Bigfoot’ but he does his best. He writes a bunch of stories for the website, regular emails to supporters and much more besides.


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