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Our Reboot Campaign is all about building a better post-coronavirus world. In this blog series, we’re focusing on the steps we need to take to make this happen. The fifth step we’re calling on the UK government to take is ‘Renew’: make sure the UK’s economic reboot tackles the climate crisis and creates good, green jobs.

Our first four steps have focused on the UK’s role on the international stage – but we also recognise the importance of getting our own house in order.

Having shielded many businesses and employees from the worst of the economic crisis so far, the UK government now has an unprecedented opportunity to reshape our economy and future-proof jobs. 

And there’s academic evidence to suggest that an economic recovery will be stronger, provide more jobs and be cost competitive if it is a green recovery.

The UK’s national and devolved governments should act to unite us on a new course, addressing the inequalities that have been exposed during the pandemic, and giving a future and a hope to the unemployed and younger generations.

The step we’re calling on the UK government to take
In our Reboot Campaign, we’ve called this step ‘Renew’. The UK should deliver a sustainable, fair and clean economic recovery that serves people and planet by:

  • Creating long-term sustainable investment plans in health and social care.
  • Getting the UK on track for net-zero climate emissions.
  • Delivering resilient and green jobs across the nation.

Take a look at our policy paper for more details. 

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This is one of five steps to a better world that we’re calling on the UK government to take. Will you add your voice to call for a fairer, greener world that works for everyone?

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Kiran Rai

Kiran is part of the Tearfund Action team, and likes to spend his spare time playing guitar or board games.