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Where is Angola?

Angola is a vast country on the west coast of Southern Africa, with a population of just over 28 million people.


Angola is one of Africa’s main oil producers, but very little of the country’s oil income reaches the general population. A significant proportion of the population lives in poverty and many people have limited access to education, sustainable forms of income, or enough nutritious food.

A civil war that lasted more than a quarter of a century has hindered Angola’s development efforts. Post-war reconstruction efforts have focused on physical infrastructure and security, but there has been much less investment in health and education. The church is a largely untapped resource that has the potential to lead change in the nation.

Ermelino, who has been supported by Tearfund’s local partner to increase his income, plays with his youngest son. Credit: Tom Price/Tearfund

Our work in Angola

Our main aim is to equip Angola’s churches to empower their local communities to lift themselves out of poverty. We do this through Tearfund’s Church and Community Transformation (CCT) programme.

Through CCT, churches and communities are being envisioned and trained to find ways to be more resilient and reduce their long-term vulnerabilities to both natural disasters and man-made conflicts.

We are also running a livelihoods project in communities across the Huila province in southern Angola. This project reduces poverty by teaching simple income-generating skills, including new farming techniques to increase their food production. In addition, there is a focus on reducing inequality, violence and prejudice within the communities by raising awareness of human rights.

Our local partners are advocating for proper HIV testing and treatment. They are also working to reduce stigma and discrimination towards those living with HIV and AIDS.

Helena tends to the fruits and vegetables that she grows at home for food and extra income. Credit: Tom Price/Tearfund

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