How we work

We aim to help the people in the world who are in the greatest need, regardless of race, religion, gender or nationality. If you support our work, that’s what your money will be going towards. We do this by:

  • identifying the places of greatest poverty
  • working through local churches, church-based and Christian partners to seek out and help the most marginalised and vulnerable groups in those places.

We operate through local churches wherever we can, training and equipping them to end poverty and rebuild their communities. They’re on the ground and they stay there. They can identify the greatest need in a place. We also believe:

  • churches are the most powerful local and global network for God’s love to reach people in poverty
  • churches care for the whole person, inside and out. This makes lasting, sustainable change for an individual and a community possible.

We try to stay invisible. Most of what we do is about communities taking themselves through a facilitated process to name their own needs, recognise their own strengths, and find their own solutions to poverty. We model this all over the world. It’s effective, long-lasting, far-reaching and transformative. Support us regularly and you can follow communities as they go through this process here or read more about it here.

We respond to disasters. In the most vulnerable places we’re experts in helping people prepare for, withstand and recover from disasters.

We’re advocates for justice. We campaign in the UK and across the world for just policies that will support people in poverty.

We’re professional and accountable.  We’re signatories to the Red Cross Code of Conduct and are certified against the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership Standard. We’re recognised for our expertise in relief, development and advocacy.

We use your money carefully. For every pound Tearfund receives, approximately 90 pence goes to our long term development work, humanitarian work, advocacy and campaigning. Approximately 9 pence is spent raising funds (which compares well with similar organisations) and less than one penny in every pound on costs of governance. All our spending is overseen by the Charity Commission, which regulates all of Britain’s charities.

  • What we believe

    Tearfund is a Christian organisation. We’re passionate about living out God’s kingdom values of love, hope and transformation. It’s what inspires and drives us.

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  • Why the church?

    Integral mission is the church living out its faith in Jesus in every aspect of life. It’s recognising that people are more than their hunger or despair. Integral mission is answering God’s call to love one another, in every way you can.

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    Our Quality Standards

    Tearfund aims to work to the highest possible standards with integrity and transparency. This summarises all the relevant external and internal accountability and quality standards, codes, guidelines and principles committed to by Tearfund.

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    Institutional donors

    Tearfund highly values its partnership with institutional donors. It's a partnership that goes beyond a simple financial arrangement and builds relationships that shape donor and Tearfund thinking, policy and response to relief and development.

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  • Alliances and Networks

    Alliances and networks

    Tearfund is committed to working together with like-minded agencies. We participate in approximately 150 national and international networks and alliances.

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  • Our current partners

    We work through hundreds of church-based and Christian partners across the world, who share our values and commitment to transforming lives in Jesus' name. You can view our current list of partners and the countries where they're based here. You can also access our latest feedback report from the partners we work with.

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