people live on less than £1.45 a day


of children under five have stunted growth


of poor people live in rural areas


of children work as child labourers

About Cambodia

Cambodia has a population of more than 15 million. Most people work in the garment industry or crop farming. However the tourism industry has increased dramatically in recent years.

Over the last ten years, Cambodia has achieved a significant reduction in extreme poverty, helped by two decades of relative stability. However, despite some strides forward, issues of governance, exploitation and rural poverty remain huge issues hampering development efforts.

Although income levels have increased, overall quality of life in Cambodia is still poor for many millions.

Three million people have moved out of extreme poverty, but are only just above the poverty line and are still vulnerable to future shocks.

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Our Work in Cambodia

Tearfund has been working in Cambodia since the 1980s. Our focus now is on targeting the poorest people, who are largely rural farmers living in areas bordering the Mekong river, which crosses the country.

Tearfund is utilising Bible-based resources that help churches live out their role as agents to lead empowering and lasting change in their communities.

We have been responding to poverty through addressing its root causes. At the heart of this work is the local church, which is uniquely placed to help release people from physical, spiritual and mental poverty. Tearfund is also increasing access to vital services, and reducing injustice and exploitation.

Working through local partners and churches, Tearfund is holding local and district governments, leaders and businesses to account. Together we are influencing their plans and ensuring they implement policies that will benefit the poorest people.

Tearfund staff and local partners have been equipping churches to help communities become more resilient to potential poverty traps and challenges – things such as disasters, debt and addictions. We are also ensuring essential services such as health, education, water, social security, protection and infrastructure are available to communities, by encouraging self-provision or advocating local government provision.




churches have been trained in church and community transformation. This seeks to transform every area of people's lives, including their relationships with God, with each other and with the environment.


churches are involved in poverty-reduction projects, including savings schemes, loans, agricultural training and tackling social issues.


churches are involved in the protection of children from abuse and trafficking, or the prevention and reduction of domestic violence.


churches responded to natural disasters after receiving training. Following catastrophes with the country's major river systems in 2014, churches rescued people in boats, hosted displaced families, distributed food and rebuilt houses.

Pray for our work

  • Give thanks for all our partners as they serve those in the greatest need. Pray for strength, wisdom and understanding.
  • Ask God to end the plight of human trafficking and to bless the work that Tearfund does in this area.
  • Pray that God will transform the lives of those that Tearfund comes into contact with – physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • Pray for unity among the church in Cambodia and its leaders to serve God and the local communities around them.

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