Central Asian States


of the population in certain states live in extreme poverty


of the economically-active population are forced to migrate abroad to find work


(approx) of children aged 6-24 months suffer from anaemia


(approx) of the population in certain states live on less than a pound a day

About Central Asian States

The effects of the Soviet Union’s break-up 25 years ago are still felt in Central Asia. The 1990s saw a total economic restructuring, resulting in widespread unemployment, family breakdown and institutional collapse. Independent states lacking in natural resources have struggled to recover and build a viable economic model.

There is a sense of hopelessness amongst many as they have seen a decline in incomes, education levels and opportunities for work in other regions of the post-Soviet Union.

Coupled with the new pressures of drug and alcohol addictions, an under-resourced state and mass migration, Central Asia has been facing challenging times.

How we do it

Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

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Vulnerable People

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Our Work in Central Asian States

Tearfund began working across Central Asia in the 1990s as a response to the challenges presented by the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Today, Tearfund is working through local partners to support both urban and rural communities in combating poverty and the most prominent social issues.

These issues include the rise of alcohol and drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, violence, crime, family breakdown, homelessness and the spread of HIV.

Our partners are working to address these needs, through championing families, providing vocational training, offering rehabilitation services and promoting peacebuilding projects.



people have benefitted from church programmes to reduce sexual and gender-based violence in the last five years.


Thanks to the advocacy of Tearfund partner organisations, foster care has been introduced at the national legislation levels in certain states.


pastors and church leaders participated in the sessions run by Tearfund’s partner the Theological Institute on Peacebuilding.

Pray for our work

  • Give thanks for our dedicated staff and partners in Central Asia, who work tirelessly in challenging conditions.
  • Pray that broken families and relationships would be restored across Central Asia.
  • Pray that, through our livelihoods work, many people would be equipped with skills to pull themselves out of poverty and become better able to provide for their families.
  • Lift up those caught in the cycle of alcohol and drug abuse; pray that these addictions would be broken, and that emotional wounds would be healed in Jesus’ name.

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