Sangeeta thought she was on a journey to freedom when she boarded a train to Mumbai after a row with her sister.

The argument had been a big one and the metropolis of 20 million people seemed the ideal place to start over and forget all her family problems.

Disembarking into the hurly burly of teeming activity soon brought home to 30-year-old Sangeeta the reality of Mumbai life. Not knowing anyone and having nowhere to stay suddenly looked a bigger problem than it had when she first boarded the train from her village.

Welcome offer

Wandering the streets Sangeeta eventually found someone to talk to, a woman who was friendly and took an interest in her situation. When Sangeeta told her she had nowhere to stay the offer of accommodation that came in reply seemed very welcome. 

The generous offer of shelter and security was perhaps too good to be true and so it turned out, as Sangeeta was left with a brothel owner in the red light area of Mumbai. Here she was forced into prostitution and as time went by, she was ‘married off’ to a client with an expectation to continue in the profession.

Photo: Warren Allott/Tearfund


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