The Current Situation    

Cyclone Pam hit the south Pacific island of Vanuatu in March 2015 causing widespread devastation.  An estimated 166,000 people were affected by the category five cyclone. Initial work focused on ensuring inhabitants had access to food and water following Pam, the focus is now on re-establishing and rehabilitating cash crops to restore incomes and enhancing resilience at the community level.       

How Are Tearfund Helping?     

Tearfund are supporting two partners based on the South Pacific islands. They are both helping islanders ‘build resilience’; to become better able to cope with any further natural disasters like Cyclone Pam in the future.     Nasi Tuan are implementing an agricultural recovery project on the island of Tanna – one of the hardest hit islands in Vanuatu. The project aims to rebuild damaged vegetable gardens and replant destroyed crops, making Tanna’s residents more resilient to disasters while also rebuilding their means of making income.          

Youth development partner Ola Fou is engaged in an innovative project across five of the South Pacific islands. They are focusing on young people; helping them to become responsible citizens; in particular they are encouraging them to work with everyone across their communities to build resilience and help in disaster risk reduction programs.     

As well as making the islands better prepared and safer, it is helping to build community cohesion; reconnecting young people with community elders and the islanders’ longstanding wisdom in dealing with disasters.     

Pray for Vanuatu:   

  • Please pray for Tearfund’s partners Nasi Tuan and Ola Fou as they work hard to implement these projects   
  • Pray for crops to continue to be restored and rehabilitated on the island of Tanna.    
  • Pray for communities across the South Pacific to be ready and resilient should disaster strike again.