of people live below the line of absolute poverty, earning less than £1.45 a day


people need food aid to survive the current drought


of people rely on agriculture-related industry for their daily income


of the land is arid and semi-arid, and prone to harsh weather, particularly drought

About Kenya

Kenya ranks 145 out of out of 186 countries on the Human Development Index (based on life expectancy, education and income per capita). Experts anticipate that poverty there will increase with climate change and the country’s population growth, rising urban migration, corruption, misappropriation of public resources, and poor management of public debt.

The population (roughly 47 million) is predominantly rural and relies on agriculture for daily income. This is true even though only 17 percent of the land is suitable for growing crops and erratic weather patterns make agriculture an unstable sector. Weak infrastructure for the country also means that nearly the entire rural population is forced to rely on its own subsistence farming for food. Jobs are also scarce, leaving people with little opportunity for employment.

Periods of drought can be crippling, for both the food supply and incomes. The north of the country entered into a crisis phase in early 2017 – emergency response work in the area is supported by our partner Food for the Hungry.

How we do it

Church & Community Transformation

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Emergency Response

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Disaster Risk Reduction

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Our Work in Kenya

Tearfund works with eight partner organisations in Kenya, mobilising churches to meet the needs of their communities. There is a focus on equipping communities to cope with disasters, developing and maintaining environmental sustainability, and working for peace and reconciliation after conflict.

Working through self-help groups (small scale community savings groups) and improved access to local markets, Tearfund’s partners are operating in disaster-prone areas and informal urban settlements.

Through them we are preparing communities for natural disasters, especially in the semi-arid regions of northern Kenya which are currently facing a food crisis. And we are working to improve livelihoods of the poor in urban settlements. Through this process, our beneficiaries have become more resilient to disasters.

We are also facilitating increased food production through environmentally-sustainable agriculture practices and have empowered group members to advocate for good governance at local and national levels.




people have benefitted from the process of church and community transformation and self-help groups.


youth have been trained in entrepreneurship through St John’s Community Centre, a Christian Community Service Organisation of the Anglican Church of Kenya.


farmers are now implementing environmentally-sustainable agriculture practices.


church leaders have been envisioned through the church and community transformation process.

Pray for our work

  • Pray for our staff and partners as they support and implement Tearfund’s work in Kenya.
  • Pray that communities where our partners are working will find whole-life transformation through our church and community transformation and self-help groups’ work.
  • Pray for Kenya’s church leaders, that they would be inspired by the vision of holistic mission – encouraging the restoration of people’s relationships with God, each other and creation. Ask God that this will impact churches, communities and governments.
  • Pray for an end to the droughts that have had such a devastating effect upon the north of Kenya. Ask God that the rains will fall when and where they are needed.
  • Pray for all those who are suffering from hunger in the north. Ask that they will receive the help they need without delay.

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