Map of Kenya

Population: 39.802m
Life expectancy men: 56.3 years
Life expectancy women: 57.5 years
Infant mortality rate: 5.72%
GNI per capita: 737.3 US$
HDI ranking: 143/187 Low
What are these?

Tearfund works with nine Christian partner organisations in Kenya, ranging from a theological college to the Kenyan Evangelical Alliance, and an Anglican Diocese to the Christian Partnership on AIDS in Kenya. 

We are mobilising churches to meet the needs of their communities – with a particular focus on equipping churches to cope with HIV, maintain environmental sustainability and work for peace and reconciliation after conflict. 

Work to prepare communities for natural disasters is taking place through our partners living in disaster-prone areas, such as the semi-arid regions of northern Kenya, which faced a food crisis in 2009.  Other projects aim to protect children at risk, improve literacy, numeracy and vocational training and create better access to clean water and sanitation. Advocacy work 
focuses on good governance and working towards peace and reconciliation.

As part of Tearfund’s ten-year vision, our work in Kenya aims to transform the lives of 300,000 people by  inspiring 300 churches to reach their communities through integral mission.

Please pray:

Pray for people living in poverty in Kenya. Please pray for our partners as they seek to 
help others and pray for the country of Kenya, for justice, peace, good health and hope for everyone.

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