Map of Rwanda

Population: 9.998m
Life expectancy men: 50.0 years
Life expectancy women: 53.9 years
Infant mortality rate: 9.24%
GNI per capita: 521.2 US$
HDI ranking: 166/187 Low
What are these?

Tearfund has been working in Rwanda since the early 1990s. In 1994, we responded to the aftermath of the 
genocide. Since then, we have worked with partners to launch peace-building initiatives and help communities to help themselves. 

We currently work with five Rwandan partners. Across ethnic divides, Moucecore works through the church to enable ‘solidarity transformation’: community group leaders are trained in peace and reconciliation, while group members are helped to understand, face and resolve relational conflict.

Association Mwana Ukundwa (AMU), meaning ‘loved child’, believes education is key to ending child poverty. 

AMU is empowering orphans, foster families and childheaded households through small business loans and training in skills such as tailoring and embroidery.  

In hunger- and disaster-prone southern Rwanda, the Rural Development Interdiocesan Service is boosting food production through activities such as valley drainage and irrigation, compost and manure production, poultry and pig farming, fish farming and bee keeping.

African Evangelistic Enterprise is helping 30,000 people in eastern Rwanda through self-help groups, enabling them to access credit and pool their resources in saving schemes.  

Alliance Evangélique Pour la Santé et Développement (AESD) uses local church networks to raise awareness of HIV and challenge stigma and prejudice. Other AESD projects include tackling urban poverty, and village-led initiatives to improve food production and water and sanitation. 

Please pray:

Pray for people living in poverty in Rwanda. Please pray for our Rwandan partners as they seek to help others and pray for Rwanda: for justice, peace, health and hope for everyone.