Haitians are in need of humanitarian assistance


of households lack consistent access to nutritious food


of people live in extreme poverty, defined as less than £1.45 a day


of Haitians have been affected by the El Niño climatic phenomenon, with droughts and storms

About Haiti

The Caribbean nation of Haiti shares its island with the Dominican Republic. It has struggled to develop, due in part to corruption and its vulnerability to natural disasters including earthquakes and hurricanes.

Haiti’s infrastructure remains weak, and in spite of huge investments by the international community, 84 per cent of the population are currently living in poverty. As a result of climate change and frequent natural disasters, cholera is endemic in Haiti and agricultural productivity is low.

Hurricane Matthew, the worst hurricane to hit Haiti since 1954, made landfall in the country in October 2016. Over 90 percent of crops in the most affected areas were destroyed and over 175,000 people had to resort to temporary shelters. It has had a catastrophic effect on over two million lives and has left the southern peninsula of Haiti reeling.

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How we do it

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Church & Community Transformation

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Our Work in Haiti

Tearfund has been working in Haiti since its earliest days. Our strong relationships with local churches and communities meant we could quickly respond to the January 2010 earthquake. Many Tearfund partners opened the grounds of their schools and colleges to the newly homeless. Distributions of cash, tarpaulins and food also eased people’s immediate hardship.

Today Tearfund is working in several different sectors in Haiti, including ‘disaster education’ to make communities better able to withstand the effects of disasters when they occur. We offer support in rebuilding livelihoods, advocacy work and we set up ‘self-help groups’ which enable people to find creative solutions to their problems.

Tearfund has been responding to the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, which hit Haiti in October 2016, distributing food packages, hygiene and sanitation kits, and seed and tool kits.We have been supporting the reconstruction of houses, to ensure they can better withstand any future natural disasters.

We support farming communities as they improve their agricultural practices and build their livelihoods.

We are working hard to develop our church and community transformation (CCT) programme in the country, working with churches as they empower their local communities to escape poverty. Through our partners we are also empowering churches to become more resilient to natural disasters through training and advocating for change.

In 2016, Tearfund helped launch a three-year child protection campaign in partnership with the Claves organisation from Uruguay. This campaign seeks to change the culture of violence, neglect, abuse and slavery that Haitian children are subjected to daily.

Following the Kingdom Come Conference in 2017, Tearfund has been building a national youth network to promote holistic mission throughout Haiti. This encourages the restoration of people’s relationships with God, each other and creation. We will also be leading advocacy initiatives to address injustices and underdevelopment.




people have received help following the 2010 earthquake.


people received help in the first eight weeks after Hurricane Matthew.


people are participating in the church and community transformation project, becoming empowered to escape poverty.


self help groups have been established and are saving and lending money towards improved livelihoods.

Pray for our work

  • Please pray for all those affected by climate change in Haiti. Ask especially that agricultural productivity will improve, so fewer families go hungry.
  • Please pray that Tearfund and our partners might be effective in our disaster reduction work, and that the impact of any future disasters can be minimised.
  • Pray for the families and communities still recovering from recent natural disasters.
  • Give thanks for self-help groups in Haiti, and ask that they will continue to grow and lift many more people out of poverty.
  • Pray for good governance in Haiti, with strong, transparent leaders who can help the country develop positively.

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