Map of Haiti

Population: 10.033m
Life expectancy men: 60.3 years
Life expectancy women: 64.0 years
Infant mortality rate: 6.09%
GNI per capita: 686.0 US$
HDI ranking: 158/187 Low
What are these?

Tearfund has been working in Haiti for three decades. Our links with local churches and communities meant we could quickly respond to the January 2010 earthquake. 

Many Tearfund partners opened the grounds of their schools and colleges to the newly homeless. Distributions of cash, tarpaulins and food eased immediate hardship. Our partner World Relief Haiti worked through local churches to offer grants to 2,000 families (around 10,000 people), enabling them to buy food and hygiene products.

Another partner, World Concern Haiti, offered relief to 15,000 families (around 75,000 people). Self-help was encouraged through ‘cash for work’: offering a set wage for each completed task, such as clearing rubble from targeted properties. 

Tearfund’s Disaster Management Teams (DMT) reached 63,000 people during the first seven months of relief. For 

example, 1,687 households received shelter, 92 schools were restarted, allowing more than 12,000 children to complete the academic year, 1,500 families received seeds and tools, and 3,600 families benefited from ‘cash for work’. 

Tearfund’s response has now entered a rehabilitation phase. This includes disaster risk reduction education, trauma counselling, livelihood support, HIV and healthcare, school rehabilitation, and water, sanitation and hygiene promotion. Local carpenters and engineers are being trained in safe construction methods, and transitional classrooms and household shelters are being built, many 

already in use.

Please pray: 

  • for people living in poverty in Haiti
  • for our Haitian partners as they seek to help others
  • for Haiti: for justice, peace, good health and hope for everyone.