Map of Nicaragua

Population: 5.743m
Life expectancy men: 71.5 years
Life expectancy women: 77.8 years
Infant mortality rate: 1.81%
GNI per capita: 1085 US$
HDI ranking: 129/187 Med
What are these?

Tearfund’s work in Nicaragua dates back to 1972, when a massive earthquake hit Managua, the capital. Our presence continues today through church networks that are building resilience to natural disasters. 

A coalition of churches and NGOs (non-governmental organisations), Rocca is helping to save lives by promoting procedures and techniques that will improve the quality of emergency response. Prodad is promoting sustainable development among Assemblies of God churches and their communities through initiatives such as tilapia fish cultivation to improve diets, sowing of essential grains, and environmental protection through reforestation. 

AMC (Acción Médica Cristiana) works in Nicaragua’s poorest communities along the Atlantic coast, targeting vulnerable women, children and teenagers with community health, food and nutrition, emergency relief and HIV prevention programmes.

CIEETS (Centro Intereclesial de Estudios Teológicos y Sociales) is training church and community leaders to be agents of social transformation in marginalised communities, helping them to care for their environments, tackle gender inequality and advocate for basic services such as safe water.

Meanwhile, with a vision ‘to be a community of Christ’s disciples in universities and colleges’, Cecnic (Comunidad de Estudiantes Cristianos de Nicaragua) runs an HIV prevention and care programme among students that adopts an innovative sexual education approach. 

Please pray:

  • for people living in poverty in Nicaragua.
  • for our Nicaraguan partners as they seek to help others.
  • for Nicaragua: for justice, peace, good health and hope for everyone.

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