people live in Egypt


of people live below the international poverty line of £1.33 a day


of the nation’s unemployed are young people


refugees currently live in Egypt

About Egypt

Egypt has been home to some of the earliest developments in agriculture, writing and government.

It is classed as a middle-income country and a regional power in the Middle East. However there are still high levels of poverty, made worse by high unemployment rates and a growing population. The mass arrival of refugees from neighbouring countries, especially Syria, has placed pressure on already limited resources. The nation is also blighted by corruption and violence at the hands of extremist groups.

Together, these factors make Egypt both politically and economically fragile.

How we do it

Church & Community Transformation

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Our Work in Egypt

Tearfund has operated in Egypt since 1994, working through our local partners to support communities in rural areas, slums and poor urban areas across the country. We empower communities, working through local churches, to become agents of change, utilising their own resources to improve basic needs and services.

We are also involved in hygiene and sanitation projects in rural areas to improve access to clean water.

We support unemployed people, providing them with vocational skills and small loans to start their own income-generating activities.

Finally, through our partners’ programmes and advocacy efforts, we ensure that marginalised members of society – including refugees and people living with HIV – have improved access to basic services, such as healthcare and reproductive health.

OUR PARTNERS IN EGYPT: Think and Do, FREEDOM, Refuge Egypt, CSD & EpiscoCare



youth now have the skills and opportunities to find employment.


of African and Syrian refugees have access to health, nutrition and job creation services, enabling them to live with dignity.


families, who have received training in livelihood security, now have an improved quality of life.


young people – at least 70 per cent of them women – have been empowered and released from poverty through lending schemes.

Pray for our work

  • Pray for the deteriorating situation in Egypt, for peace and restoration in Jesus’ name.
  • Pray that the terrorist activities and ongoing turmoil will cease.
  • Lift up the local church, that it would be empowered and equipped to help local communities find solutions to their problems.
  • Give thanks for our partners’ vocational training programmes which are enabling many young people to join the workforce. Pray that these youngsters would prosper and go on to lift their families out of poverty too.

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