of the population live in rural areas, relying on agriculture for income and livelihoods


of the population has HIV


of the population have no access to safe and clean water


of children are orphans (one or both parents dead)

About Malawi

Malawi is a small landlocked African country between Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique.

The economy in Malawi is highly driven by the agricultural sector, which employs about 80 per cent of the total workforce. Malnutrition remains widespread with 47 per cent of children under the age of five having stunted growth. Some 25 per cent of women aged 40-49 are also overweight, and there are high levels of micronutrient deficiencies in both adults and children.

Although agriculture is the main area of employment for the majority of Malawi’s population, especially women and young people, the sector is constrained by various challenges. These include climate change, a population boom and markets to sell their produce.

Over the last few years, Malawi has faced economic challenges with high inflation and currency devaluation. This has affected the lives of the poorest, with 2.8 million people lacking sufficient access to food. These problems were partly a result of the El Niño weather phenomenon which can bring erratic rains, prolonged dry spells and floods.

Thankfully the 2017 harvest was very good and has significantly eased the food shortages in the country. Food inflation has therefore dropped to around 9.3 per cent, though non-food inflation remains high at more than 12 per cent. However, climate change and adverse weather conditions remain a threat.

How we do it


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Church & Community Transformation

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Vulnerable People

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Disaster Risk Reduction

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Our Work in Malawi

Tearfund has been operating in Malawi since 2003 and works across the country, through eight local implementing partner organisations.

The major focus areas of our work include building up communities’ ability to cope with climate change, responding to emergencies, and small scale community savings (microfinance) groups. We are also prioritising work that ensures people have access to enough nutritious food all year round, even in times of crisis and disaster.

Tearfund and our partners are promoting a process known as church and community transformation (CCT) –

working with local churches to empower their local community to escape poverty and become more resilient to disasters. This has led to local churches working in the areas of children at risk, HIV and AIDS, water and sanitation, girls’ and boys’ empowerment, and advocacy.

Our partners are promoting a scheme known as Foundations for Farming, which shows farmers and small growers how to harvest up to ten times more food on their land, even as temperatures in the region rise.

Tearfund is also a member of CISANET, a civil society network for agencies that seek to influence national agricultural policies on behalf of small scale farmers.




people now have access clean water.


people have been supported through HIV and AIDS work.


children at risk of child labour and malnutrition have been supported through Tearfund partner programmes.


people have been supported through programmes to help people access sufficient food and become more resilient to disasters.

Pray for our work

  • Please pray for wisdom and energy for our staff team as it supports the work of our partner organisations.
  • Lift up our partner groups as they work to bring hope and transformation to those most in need.
  • Pray for the government; that they will lead with love, integrity and transparency, and put the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable people first.
  • Pray for more farmers to learn the Foundations for Farming techniques that will help them grow more food in a changing climate.

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