of the population live in extreme poverty (officially less than £1.45 a day)


of the adult population have HIV


of those in rural areas live in poverty


people do not have access to a regular food supply

About Zambia

Zambia has managed to avoid the conflict seen in many nearby nations. Since gaining independence in 1964, it has been a stable and peaceful haven for its neighbours.

However, Zambia faced the El Niño climatic phenomenon in 2015/16. This caused a severe drought which has resulted in increased food prices, power rationing and decreased productivity.

Despite the climatic impact, Zambia has managed to avoid the massive food shortages faced by surrounding countries. However, climate change remains a threat.

After a massive slump in the price of copper – the country’s main export – which caused economic difficulties for the nation, there have been recent, steady economic gains.

How we do it

Church & Community Transformation

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Our Work in Zambia

Tearfund has been working in Zambia for more than 20 years. Our goal is to empower people to transform every area of their lives and find healing in their relationship with God, with themselves, with each other and with the environment.

The process known as church and community transformation (CCT) is the foundation of all the work Tearfund does in Zambia. CCT works with local churches, helping them become radical agents of change in their local communities and empowering them to escape poverty.

We have been working in the Eastern Province encouraging the growth of self-help groups – small scale community savings schemes which also offer broader mutual support. Members have been able to set up income-generating activities to feed their families and keep their children in school.

A combination of self-help groups and literacy education has been the focus of the empowerment programme.

The WASH programme (which ensures access to clean water, proper sanitation and hygiene training) is undertaken in the areas most affected by drought. When fresh water and sanitation facilities are set up we ensure there is a hygiene committee and maintenance team within the local community to stop them falling into disrepair.

We are working with local partner organisation Jubilee Centre to develop leadership and advocacy skills for a generation of young people. This is growing the community leaders and influencers of tomorrow who will speak out on behalf of their communities for a better future.




local churches have started the process of church and community transformation.


self-help groups have been formed.


households have benefitted from 12 new boreholes.


young people have been trained to speak up for their communities as part of the ‘Junior Parliament’ project.

Pray for our work

  • Praise God for all the work our partners have been doing to support those in the greatest need.
  • Pray for Zambia as it faces the increasing challenges of climate change.
  • Lift up Tearfund staff and partners as they seek to encourage the church to live out its mission, serving the poorest in society.
  • Pray for wise governance in Zambia, that leaders will put the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable at the core of their plans and policies.

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