Burkina Faso

Map of Burkina Faso

Population: 15.757m
Life expectancy men: 53.1 years
Life expectancy women: 55.9 years
Infant mortality rate: 7.59%
GNI per capita: 516.0 US$
HDI ranking: 181/187 Low
What are these?

Tearfund has been working in Burkina Faso since the 1970s, and we now work with nine Christian partner organisations  across the country. Our work focuses on mobilising local churches, caring for widows and orphans, combating child 
trafficking and preventing the spread of HIV. Tearfund’s work in Burkina Faso also includes integrated development 
projects, which combine food security, child nutrition, health, farming and skills training. 

Four partner organisations provide relief and rehabilitation during food shortages, and interest in this area of work has 
grown since the Sahel food crisis of 2005. Tearfund partner CREDO takes a lead in coordinating advocacy activities 
among the other partners. One partner working in the north of the country, AEAD, runs an ox loan scheme among rural families associated with an adults’ literacy programme. This is a sustainable way to improve the yield from a plot of land, saving labour for families and helping to bridge the hunger gap. 

A pioneering Tearfund project to challenge men within the church about their attitudes to women was piloted in Burkina Faso, aiming to reduce domestic violence and the spread of HIV.

Please pray:

  • pray for people living in poverty in Burkina Faso
  • please pray for our partners as they seek to help others.
  • and pray for the country of Burkina Faso, for justice, peace, good health and hope for everyone

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