Every second, thousands of pounds are lost to secrecy and corruption globally. This is money that could be used to release some of the poorest communities from poverty.

But thanks to your campaigning, Europe has taken a crucial step in the fight against corruption. On 12 June, European leaders voted in new laws that will demand oil, gas and mining companies publish what they pay to governments.

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Good governance is essential to releasing people from poverty. But its huge potential is lost when governments fulfil self-centred ambitions rather than the needs and priorities of the people they serve.

An effective and accountable government engaged by a vibrant civil society can be a catalyst for development and enable millions of people to flourish. It’s a win-win situation: life improves and confidence and trust in public institutions is enhanced – creating a peaceful and secure environment for everyone. 

So we advocate for just governance and promote more accountable and transparent investment by businesses and donors in developing countries. We're mobilising Christians around the world to speak as one global church, to challenge the policies and practices that keep billions of people in poverty. We work at regional, national and international level, focusing particularly on the areas of governance, corruption, accountability, transparency and civic participation.

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Governance and Corruption Policy Reports

Poor governance has a negative impact on the poor. Poor governance is a product of dysfunctional relationships between the state and its citizens.

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