Integral mission and theology

Integral mission is the church living out its faith in Jesus in every aspect of life. It’s recognising that people are more than their hunger or despair. They’re complex and precious, made in God’s image. And they’re loved. Integral mission is answering God’s call to love one another, completely. At Tearfund, integral mission is how we operate. 

People need material things to survive, and we choose to work through church-based partners who help people access these things. But our partners won’t stop there.

Local churches know the needs of their communities, and have the potential to change lives – bringing new perspectives, helping heal emotional scars, offering hope and togetherness. This is, in our experience, the most powerful and effective way to help people make lasting changes in their lives and escape poverty. 

If we ignore the world, we betray the word of God which sends us out to serve the world. If we ignore the word of God, we have nothing to bring to the world.
Micah Declaration on Integral Mission