Election Guide 2017

The general election is a great chance to remind MPs what a big impact the UK can have on reducing global poverty. MPs and candidates usually listen to voters all year round, but there are special opportunities to tell them what you care about from now to polling day on 8 June.

Questions to ask candidates

Tearfund has two suggested questions you can ask candidates on the doorstep, at hustings, if they phone you, or on social media. These aren’t party political questions, they’re the same for each party, to make sure candidates hear that voters care about international poverty. You don’t need to be an expert - it’s part of a would-be MP’s job to listen to their constituents’ concerns, and your point of view matters.

1. ‘Will your party make sure we keep giving at least 0.7% of our national income as overseas aid?’ 

You could also add that you care passionately about aid because it saves many lives around the world every year - a life every two minutes!

2. ‘Will your party keep the promises of the Paris Agreement and limit our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions?’ 

You could also add (where appropriate):  

  • That you think this is really important because climate change is already causing terrible hunger and suffering around the world. 

  • A question asking how they intend to reduce our emissions.

Click here if you’d like more detail.

Meet your new MP

From 1-9 July, Tearfund’s taking part in the Climate Coalition’s Speak Up week of action meeting with MPs locally. It’ll be a great chance to show new and returning MPs that their constituents care about protecting the people and things threatened by climate change. Find out more here.


Please pray for the election, the MPs and the government who are elected.