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It's time for food waste to bite the crust...

All around the world Christians pray “Give us today our daily bread”, yet while we pray a third of all food produced is never eaten. Most of this waste is preventable. Here in the UK, we throw away edible food worth £470 per household each year! This could fill Wembley Stadium nine times over. Meanwhile in our fields a third of perfectly edible vegetable crops are discarded due to supermarkets’ strict cosmetic standards.

In a world where so many are hungry, this can’t be right.

The injustice doesn’t end there. This wasteful grow-and-throw cycle has a big carbon footprint, making climate change worse and leading to more droughts, floods and less reliable rain. This makes it harder for people in poverty to feed themselves.

Jesus shows us another way to live. The lesson didn’t end after Jesus generously fed 5,000 people with a few loaves and fish. The leftovers were a vital part of the story. Jesus said ‘Gather up all the pieces. Let nothing be wasted.’ (John 6:12)

We can make the most of our food at home by refusing to buy more than we need, reducing the amount that goes into our landfill bin and sharing our food-saving tips with others. 

Ask your supermarket to take action too by halving their food waste by 2030, in line with the UN Global Goal on food waste.

Put your faith into action to renew our food today.


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