The Results

‘I feel passionate about this campaign because of the environmental impact and sheer social injustice of food waste in a world where there is hunger.’

Linda, Renew Our Food supporter

Food is a precious gift. Yet, today a third of all food produced will never be eaten. In a world where so many go hungry, this can’t be right. This wasteful food cycle fuels climate change, making life harder for people in poverty across the world. But, together we can follow Jesus in saying, ‘Let nothing be wasted’ (John 6:12).

In 2017, thousands of you took action to tackle food waste with Tearfund by pledging to Renew Our Food. We’re delighted to share the results of the campaign with you!

More than 9,500 of you pledged to reduce your own food waste at home and took action in your churches too. Take a look at our favourite images from the campaign here and read our blog for more highlights.

You also wrote to your supermarkets, asking them to Renew Our Food – because UK retailers have the power to reduce waste from farm to fork. Few supermarkets had committed publicly to the UN’s target to halve food waste by 2030. You asked them to do so and to show you, their customers, a plan for how they would achieve it.

The result? Seven out of ten supermarkets committed to halve their food waste! Each of these commitments has a huge potential impact. Tesco’s pledge alone could save carbon emissions equivalent to taking almost 50,000 cars off UK roads* – and more if Tesco gets its suppliers to cut food waste too.

We rated all ten supermarkets as green, amber or red, based on their response to Renew Our Food. Top with a green rating are the Co-op, M&S and Tesco, and the pledges from Aldi, Sainsbury’s, Spar and Waitrose are a good step forward, giving them an amber rating. Sadly, Asda, Lidl and Morrisons are rated red, with room to improve.

What can I do next?

Did your supermarket go green? Please contact them to thank them! Think your store could be doing more? Do let them know!

All the information you need to contact your supermarket can be found here.

Please do sign up to our Tearfund Action emails to be kept up to date on our campaigns on waste, climate change and poverty.


While this Renew Our Food action has now closed, if you’d like to continue to talk about food waste with your church, you can still access our Food Waste Feast resources here.


Have more questions?

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Thank you so much for taking action to Renew Our Food!

*Based on calculations using Tesco’s published food waste data for 2013/14 (their baseline year for measuring progress towards the 2030 target) where 48,182 tonnes of food was wasted that year (Tesco Little Helps Plan, 2017), and data on carbon emissions from household food waste (WRAP, 2015)