In the Rubbish Campaign race to tackle plastic pollution, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are hardly off the starting line. More than 40,000 of us in the UK have called them out, but they’re still dragging their feet.

For details on how we have scored each company’s progress so far, take a look at our Rubbish Campaign League Table. 

These companies are selling single-use plastic in many poorer countries that don’t have waste collection. This means that people are often forced to burn or live among their rubbish, which leads to disease and sickness. 

Each year, open burning of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo’s plastic products in just six countries also causes more climate emissions than 1.5 million cars. Climate change makes life even harder for the world’s poorest people. 

For people living in poverty and for creation, this isn’t good enough. 

But the race isn’t over yet. We’ll have more updates and new ways to get involved soon – so watch this space

What you can do 

  • Listen to this episode of BBC Radio 4’s programme ‘Costing The Earth’, which focuses on our latest report, The Burning Question.
  • Read The Burning Question report, which highlights the link between plastic pollution and climate change. It includes the stories of Royda, Pascal, Miriam, and Agness from Tanzania and how they are affected. 
  • Share the report on social media. You could tag @CocaCola @PepsiCo @Nestle and @Unilever to let them know you want them to take action.
  • Pray for people who live without rubbish collection, for protection of their health and for provision for their families.