Love. Climate. #Paris2015

In December 2015 the world saw a turning point in history, as 195 nations met in Paris to negotiate and sign a climate agreement that is a major milestone on the road to a fair and sustainable world where everyone has enough. Find out more about Paris COP21 here.

Before the conference many of us walked in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London to call on our world leaders to make this agreement. We saw Pilgrims walk all the way from London to Paris to deliver a petition of 1.8 million people’s signatures!

Since then, we have seen many countries around the world keep their promises and ratify the agreement, enough to bring it into force in record time. On 17th November the UK followed suit and ratified the Paris Agreement.

We wanted to mark this moment in history, because over the last year you have joined us in walking alongside thousands of people living in poverty, and without all of our voices and prayers, this work would not have been possible.

So we have created a short film to say thank you for every action you have taken and every prayer you have ever prayed to help get us here.

Nick Hurd
Nick Hurd MP

To thank Nick Hurd, the UK's Minister of State for Climate Change and Industry, for being a hero and ratifying the Paris Agreement, we presented him with a mug and a framed photograph of our Country Representative from Malawi - a country that has seen first hand the impacts of the changing climate. This was also a chance to share with him how you are playing your part with us in tackling climate change through, for example, the Big Church Switch.

The agreement doesn’t solve climate change and there is still more to be done, but we want to give thanks because the world’s taken a mighty step forward. So as we enter a new year we invite you to continue walking with us as we follow Jesus’ call, together, we will continue to strive for the freedom and empowerment for those trapped in poverty. We will pray together as the church, we will stand together and we will speak out together until we see His Kingdom here.

Thank you for choosing to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly (Micah 6:8) alongside those living in poverty.

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