Tearfund Wants You!

Every year, thousands more people hear about the great work Tearfund is doing around the world. And that happens because of people like you, willing to spread the word (we’ll happily fill you in on the latest exciting things we’re involved in).

Thank you to all our fantastic volunteers who made this year's events such a success! We look forward to seeing you and lots of new faces in yellow T-shirts next year.

Our applications for 2018 summer events will open in November this year, so do check back then.

In the meantime we have an exciting partnership with Big Church Live joining them on some great tours up and down the country. If you are interested in getting involved with these events please email: volunteer@tearfund.org, we'd love to hear from you!

You feel instantly welcome and you are placed among friendly co­workers in a team where you learn a whole range of skills and get a chance to roll your sleeves up and be part of a great event as well as part of a big worldwide push to stop child trafficking.

I would do it in a heartbeat again tomorrow. Thank you Tearfund.

Sarah Joshi

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