Whether you bake or buy, every pound raised at your bake sale will make a difference to people in huge need.

Without fundraisers like you, our work simply wouldn’t be possible. Take Sahira*, a young woman from the Central Asian States. She was born into terrible poverty, but her path was changed thanks to a Tearfund-supported project. Without this support, she would almost certainly have been exploited by criminals, and may not have been alive today.

Raise £216, and you could provide two people with community development training to transform the lives of girls like Sahira.


Bake up a storm with recipes from fellow Big Bakers and Team Tearfunders, Martha Collison, Will Torrent and Tom Herbert.

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If you’ve already registered and ordered your pack please tuck in to our extras! Download and use them to tell the world about your Big Bake.

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Sahira's Story

Extra flyers so everyone at your Tearfund Big Bake can see why this cause is so important.



The more the merrier we say!


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Pay in online

Please email us at giving@tearfund.org with the amount you pay in and your church’s Tearfund number, where appropriate, titling your email "Big Bake".
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More information

Send a cheque – payable to Tearfund – from your church or group account to:
Big Bake, Tearfund 100 Church Road, Teddington, TW11 8QE
(and make sure you tell us it’s from your personal fundraising!)

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