Have you Got what it takes?

The beans are back – and they're meaner than ever. Only the toughest take on the Mean Bean Challenge, but it's all to raise money for an amazing cause.

You'll be taking a stand for people like Matunda, from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She belongs to an ethnic group who are considered sub-human by many people in her country. Despite working incredibly hard to provide for her family, she can only feed them one small meal a day.

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£240 could provide four families like Matunda’s with life-transforming skills and resources, helping to make hunger a thing of the past.
Slide the bean to see how your fundraising could help change lives.
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Something has to be done. We're Mean Beaners and we won't stop fighting hunger – we won't stop until poverty stops. So get your friends together, stock up on those beans and let's smash poverty together.

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Mean Beans Fight Hunger.